Developer Setup - Windows

1. Install Prerequisites

1.1 Compilers

1.2 CMake

Download and install the latest stable release at

1.3 Qt

Download the LGLPL / Free version (at least 4.5) of the SDK at


  • you want to use MSVC, we recommend to compile Qt:

1.4 MySQL

Follow the instructions

1.5 CVS/SVN/GIT Client


Cygwin is a Unix-like environment and command-line interface for Microsoft Windows. Cygwin provides native integration of Windows-based applications, data, and other system resources with applications, software tools, and data of the Unix-like environment. Thus it is possible to launch Windows applications from the Cygwin environment, as well as to use Cygwin tools and applications within the Windows operating context. (See for reference).

Download cygwin Make sure to install cvs, svn and git packages!

CVS Client

  • TortoiseCVS is a CVS client for Microsoft Windows. Unlike most CVS tools, it includes itself in Windows' shell by adding entries in the contextual menu of the file explorer, therefore it does not run in its own window. Moreover, it adds icons onto files and directories controlled by CVS, giving additional information to the user without having to run a full-scale stand-alone application (See for reference).

  • WinCVS

SVN Client

  • TortoiseSVN

Git Client

  • msysgit

2. Install External Libraries

2.1 VTK

Follow the instructions on

You can

  • either download the latest release (i.e. 5.6.1)
  • either get the latest git version

If you decide to use the git version (see

$ git clone git:// VTK

Then configure with CMake with the following options


Then build vtk!

2.2 ITK

Follow the instructions on

Download / Check out the version of ITK of your choice (recommended: 3.20).

If you decide to use the git version

$ git clone git://

Then configure using CMake with the following options

ITK_USE_REVIEW            ON
ITK_USE_REVIEW_STATISTICS ON # This option does not exist anymore for the git version of ITK

then build itk!

2.3 Boost

Follow the instructions at i.e.

  • Get the latest stable release
  • Configure with cmake
  • build
  • install

3. GoFigure2

  • Get the source
    $ git clone git://
  • configure with cmake
  • build GoFigure2 !!!