Developer Guide

GoFigure welcomes contributions from external developers. If you are interested, please read through this guide to get started.

Developer Setup

Follow these guidelines to download all of the code and setup the compilation environment

The Source Code

The official source code repository for GoFigure2 is at GitHub:

$ git clone git://

Feel free to fork the code, and submit a pull request, or please contact us.

Coding Style

Please follow the Coding Style guidelines.


Please insert Doxygen tags into your code so that it can be used to generate automatic documentation as shown for GoFigure's Doxygen. To generate Doxygen documentation, one needs to:

  • Install doxygen and graphviz
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install doxygen graphviz
  • During CMake configuration step, turn BUILD_DOCUMENTATION ON
  • Build all
    • make -j8
    • or ninja


We use CDash and CTest to perform nightly checks of GoFigure to ensure that it builds properly and runs properly on a variety of platforms and configurations. If you are working with the nightly releases of GoFigure, you should check GoFigure2's Dashboard to make sure it is green before pulling the code. If you are developing new code for GoFigure, you should Write Test along with your code. You can Setup CTest Server on your machine to run the test you wrote for your code as well as the rest of GoFigure.


Details for making Installation Packages for GoFigure for Mac, Linux, and Windows from the source can be found here.