What are MegaCapture files?

Any group of files generated by these macros or following MegaCapture format are abusively denoted as MegaCapture files.

MegaCapture files consist in

  • bunch of 2D grayscale images (PNG or TIFF), with the following pattern
    • example: basename-PL00-CO00-RO00-ZT00-YT00-XT00-TM0010-ch00-zs0000.png
      • basename
      • PL refers to the Plaque number
      • CO refers to the Column number
      • RO refers to the Row number
      • ZT refers to the Z Tile number
      • YT refers to the Y Tile number
      • XT refers to the X Tile number
      • TM refers to the Time Point number
      • ch refers to the Channel number
      • zs refers to the Z slide number
  • one header file
    • example: basename.meg

Where can I get one example of MegaCapture files?