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itk::MegaCaptureImport Class Reference

#include <Code/IO/itkMegaCaptureImport.h>

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Public Types

typedef SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef std::vector< int > IntVectorType
typedef std::pair
< IntVectorType, IntVectorType
typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef MegaCaptureImport Self
typedef std::vector< std::string > StringVectorType
typedef LightProcessObject Superclass

Public Member Functions

void CreateOutput ()
std::string GetHeaderFilename ()
GoFigureFileInfoHelperMultiIndexContainer GetOutput ()
void Glob ()
 itkNewMacro (Self)
 itkTypeMacro (MegaCaptureImport, LightProcessObject)
void SetFileName (const std::string &iName)
void SetTimeBased (const bool &iBool)
void Update ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool AreTheseNumericalGroupNewMegaCapture (PairIntVectorType StartAndLengthNumericalGroup)
static std::string CleanFileName (const std::string &iFilename)
 return a modified cleaned filename More...
static PairIntVectorType GetStartAndLengthOfNumericalGroupFilename (const std::string &iFilename)
 return the list of the Index and the list of the length of all the numerical group present in the filename More...
static bool IsNewMegaCapture (const std::string &iFilename)
 return true if the filename is of new megacapture format, false if it is the old one More...

Protected Member Functions

 MegaCaptureImport ()
void NewMegaCaptureFile (GoFigureFileInfoHelper &ioTempInfo, const std::vector< unsigned int > &iNumericalValues)
 Used for the database version2. More...
void OldMegaCaptureFile (GoFigureFileInfoHelper &ioTempInfo, const std::vector< unsigned int > &iNumericalValues)
 Used for the database version1. More...
 ~MegaCaptureImport ()

Private Member Functions

 MegaCaptureImport (const Self &)
void operator= (const Self &)

Private Attributes

std::string m_FileName
std::string m_fileNameModified
StringVectorType m_FileNameS
std::string m_HeaderFileName
int m_NbSignificantMegaCaptureNumGroup
GoFigureFileInfoHelperMultiIndexContainer m_OutputFileList
PairIntVectorType m_StartAndLengthNumGroup

Detailed Description

If the filenames imported are of old megacapture format(v2) and that the text of the beginning of the filename (before the values to be stored in the database) contains more than 3 numerical groups, the files are considered as new megacapture...

Definition at line 60 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef SmartPointer< const Self > itk::MegaCaptureImport::ConstPointer

Definition at line 74 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

typedef std::vector< int > itk::MegaCaptureImport::IntVectorType

Definition at line 64 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

Definition at line 65 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

typedef SmartPointer< Self > itk::MegaCaptureImport::Pointer

Definition at line 73 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

Standard class typedefs.

Definition at line 69 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

typedef std::vector< std::string > itk::MegaCaptureImport::StringVectorType

Definition at line 66 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

typedef LightProcessObject itk::MegaCaptureImport::Superclass

Definition at line 71 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::MegaCaptureImport::MegaCaptureImport ( )

Definition at line 40 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

itk::MegaCaptureImport::~MegaCaptureImport ( )

Definition at line 48 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

itk::MegaCaptureImport::MegaCaptureImport ( const Self )

Member Function Documentation

bool itk::MegaCaptureImport::AreTheseNumericalGroupNewMegaCapture ( MegaCaptureImport::PairIntVectorType  StartAndLengthNumericalGroup)

Definition at line 289 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

std::string itk::MegaCaptureImport::CleanFileName ( const std::string &  iFilename)

return a modified cleaned filename

Definition at line 298 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

void itk::MegaCaptureImport::CreateOutput ( )

Definition at line 74 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

std::string itk::MegaCaptureImport::GetHeaderFilename ( )

Definition at line 438 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

GoFigureFileInfoHelperMultiIndexContainer itk::MegaCaptureImport::GetOutput ( void  )

Definition at line 157 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

MegaCaptureImport::PairIntVectorType itk::MegaCaptureImport::GetStartAndLengthOfNumericalGroupFilename ( const std::string &  iFilename)

return the list of the Index and the list of the length of all the numerical group present in the filename

Definition at line 361 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

void itk::MegaCaptureImport::Glob ( )

Definition at line 176 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

bool itk::MegaCaptureImport::IsNewMegaCapture ( const std::string &  iFilename)

return true if the filename is of new megacapture format, false if it is the old one

Definition at line 276 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

itk::MegaCaptureImport::itkNewMacro ( Self  )

Method for creation through the object factory.

itk::MegaCaptureImport::itkTypeMacro ( MegaCaptureImport  ,

Run-time type information (and related methods).

void itk::MegaCaptureImport::NewMegaCaptureFile ( GoFigureFileInfoHelper ioTempInfo,
const std::vector< unsigned int > &  iNumericalValues 

Used for the database version2.

Definition at line 421 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

void itk::MegaCaptureImport::OldMegaCaptureFile ( GoFigureFileInfoHelper ioTempInfo,
const std::vector< unsigned int > &  iNumericalValues 

Used for the database version1.

Definition at line 407 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

void itk::MegaCaptureImport::operator= ( const Self )
void itk::MegaCaptureImport::SetFileName ( const std::string &  iName)

Definition at line 56 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

void itk::MegaCaptureImport::SetTimeBased ( const bool &  iBool)
void itk::MegaCaptureImport::Update ( void  )

Definition at line 166 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

std::string itk::MegaCaptureImport::m_FileName

Definition at line 130 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

std::string itk::MegaCaptureImport::m_fileNameModified

Definition at line 131 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

StringVectorType itk::MegaCaptureImport::m_FileNameS

Definition at line 128 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

std::string itk::MegaCaptureImport::m_HeaderFileName

Definition at line 132 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

int itk::MegaCaptureImport::m_NbSignificantMegaCaptureNumGroup

Definition at line 134 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

GoFigureFileInfoHelperMultiIndexContainer itk::MegaCaptureImport::m_OutputFileList

Definition at line 129 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

PairIntVectorType itk::MegaCaptureImport::m_StartAndLengthNumGroup

Definition at line 127 of file itkMegaCaptureImport.h.

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