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MegaCaptureHeaderReader Class Reference

#include <Code/IO/MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h>

Public Member Functions

 MegaCaptureHeaderReader (const std::string &iFileName="")
void Read ()
void SetFileName (const std::string &iFileName)
 ~MegaCaptureHeaderReader ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< std::vector< int > > m_ChannelColor
unsigned int m_ChannelDepth
std::string m_CreationDate
unsigned int m_DimensionX
unsigned int m_DimensionY
unsigned int m_NumberOfChannels
double m_TimeInterval
double m_VoxelSizeX
double m_VoxelSizeY
double m_VoxelSizeZ

Protected Member Functions

bool CheckKeyWord (std::string iWord, std::string iCompare, int &iLineNumber, std::string iExtraKeyWord="")
std::vector< int > ConvertUnsignedLongColorToRGBIntColor (const unsigned long &iColor)

Protected Attributes

std::string m_FileName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MegaCaptureHeaderReader::MegaCaptureHeaderReader ( const std::string &  iFileName = "")

Definition at line 43 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.cxx.

MegaCaptureHeaderReader::~MegaCaptureHeaderReader ( )

Definition at line 60 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool MegaCaptureHeaderReader::CheckKeyWord ( std::string  iWord,
std::string  iCompare,
int &  iLineNumber,
std::string  iExtraKeyWord = "" 

Definition at line 210 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.cxx.

std::vector< int > MegaCaptureHeaderReader::ConvertUnsignedLongColorToRGBIntColor ( const unsigned long &  iColor)

Definition at line 190 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.cxx.

void MegaCaptureHeaderReader::Read ( )
Nicolas- shoudln't we read it too
Nicolas- shoudln't we read Objective too
Nicolas- shoudln't we read it too
Nicolas- Reading date from here might not be a good solution

Definition at line 81 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.cxx.

void MegaCaptureHeaderReader::SetFileName ( const std::string &  iFileName)

Definition at line 66 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector< std::vector< int > > MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_ChannelColor

Definition at line 69 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

unsigned int MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_ChannelDepth

Definition at line 68 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

std::string MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_CreationDate

Definition at line 70 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

unsigned int MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_DimensionX

Definition at line 65 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

unsigned int MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_DimensionY

Definition at line 66 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

std::string MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_FileName

Definition at line 72 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

unsigned int MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_NumberOfChannels

Definition at line 67 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

double MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_TimeInterval

Definition at line 61 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

double MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_VoxelSizeX

Definition at line 62 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

double MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_VoxelSizeY

Definition at line 63 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

double MegaCaptureHeaderReader::m_VoxelSizeZ

Definition at line 64 of file MegaCaptureHeaderReader.h.

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